stacy lewis graubart

stacy says she first learned about good design before she was even able to walk. “my mother dragged me to every antique store, auction house and design store before i was out of diapers. we spent our weekends driving down winding lanes looking for architecturally interesting houses. my mother had extraordinary taste. the finest i have ever known.”

stacy grew up in houston, texas. she graduated from vanderbilt university and then moved to paris, france to study design. she also studied furniture and antiquities at Southeby’s London. stacy began her career in the costume design industry for film and television and was nominated for an emmy. midway through her design career, stacy turned to her real love of interiors. after working for arlene semel & associates, a chicago based interior design firm, she formed sg designs. for over 20 years stacy has concentrated on high-end residential design and renovation.

stacy specializes in designing livable homes. she loves the process of getting to know her clients and being able to build them a house that caters to their specific needs. she loves the hunt for the perfect piece and prefers refurbishing what you have and love, versus just “ordering” new pieces. “i believe your home is the passport of your life. there is no invitation like being invited into someone’s home.”

while servicing her design clients, stacy began focusing on her love of purchasing, renovating and selling residential homes. she has a special passion for this work because it allows her to implement her complete vision through the entire process: design, management, construction and sale. she has a proven track record of turning a profit on over a half dozen homes where others saw no value.