Ready for Round Top

in the small town of round top, texas (population 90), twice a year the beautiful country side is occupied by the now, infamous antique show, where vendors gather from all over the nation, bringing their antique treasures to sell. one of the most prestigious and sought after venues in round top is market hill, the 18 climate-controlled booths within the structure, have become one of the most high-end sales spaces.

after two years of trying to secure a booth in the 130,000 sqft structure, a space became available and was offered to the select pick to be the newest member of thisĀ  redefined antiquing experience. the select pick is a members only market, available to professionals in the design trade; however, the select pick is open to the public twice a year at the market hill shows. over the years we have collected numerous high valued, rare antiques, and everything in between. we focus on buying pieces we love and know that our clients will love too.